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Get plugged in, not bogged down.

Web site syndications such as RSS and Atom are gaining steam in the blogosphere – even mainstream media sites are rapidly embracing this technology. But if you've stayed on the sidelines because the last thing you need is another "email-like" program to eat away at your time, then Tickershock might be what you're looking for. Syndications are meant to be summaries, so why not treat them as such? Get your news headlines passively pushed to your screen, and when you see something that catches your eye, double-click and read all about it.

The power to change.

If you're not a fan of news crawls, you can set up Tickershock to display the news in a billboard. Or if you don't like your screen cluttered, you can tell Tickershock to "sleep" and fade away when there isn't anything left to read (it'll wake itself up when more news comes in). Or if you prefer to get your news unobtrusively, go ahead and make Tickershock's window translucent and click-through so you can watch the news (and not watch out for it). With highly configurable display options and CPU-friendly animation settings, Tickershock can become the RSS reader you want it to be.

Channel surfing for the wired set.

If you're familiar with RSS readers, you know managing a lot of news feed subscriptions can get unwieldy. Tickershock groups multiple subscriptions into "Channels" that keep track of what news you've seen only in each group. So you can set up a "Tech News" ticker and a "Tech Forum" billboard and keep Slashdot subscribed in each independently. Use Tickershock to set up various Sports, World News, Politics and Blog Channels that you can read when you have the inclination – instead of having to read all your news feeds at once. With Tickershock, you can finally keep your online news world in order.

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