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Stay current.

Inspired by the tickers of 24-hour cable news, Tickershock is an RSS, RDF and Atom news reader that displays news feeds anywhere on your desktop in a animated crawl or billboard display.

Tickershock is a departure from typical RSS applications that emulate traditional web browser or email reader environments. Focusing on the "push" nature of the technology, Tickershock aims to be a passive experience – but only until you decide a headline is worth exploring: a double-click on a news headline brings up a "News Inspector" (or your default browser) from which you can explore a story in greater depth.

And since it's optimized for performance, Tickershock requires a fraction of the CPU time used by more conventional stock and news tickers, freeing you to work but keep an eye on the news all the time.

Check out this "revolutionary" RSS experience and download a free trial version of Tickershock today.

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