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Your favorite search engines – as research tools.

Search engines such as Google are great for finding sites related to your keywords, but not so great for finding information related to your keywords (unless you're prepared to do some surfing on your own). And that's where theConcept can help: by finding related topics, keywords and ideas related to your search, theConcept allows you to turn Google and other search engines into powerful research tools.

The following are examples of actual reports automatically generated by theConcept searching various topics in popular search engines.

In theConcept, a given web search can yield dozens of reports, so we've chosen one report from each search that best represents the interesting information that can be discovered on the web when you put data mining to work.

Although these reports have been converted to HTML for viewing on this site, their content has not been modified.

July 13, 2005
In Action: Discovery and the International Space Station

May 3, 2005
In Action: George Lucas' Revenge of the Sith

April 3, 2005
In Action: Mickey Rourke in Sin City

February 10, 2005
In Action: Million Dollar Baby

February 3, 2005
In Action: Super Bowl XXXIX

January 14, 2005
In Action: The 1963 March on Washington

November 30, 2004
In Action: Jeopardy! Whiz Ken Jennings

November 14, 2004
In Action: Crime Scene Investigation

October 21, 2004
In Action: The Curse of the Bambino

October 7, 2004
In Action: The Nobel Prize in Physics

September 22, 2004
In Action: RSS vs. Atom

September 3, 2004
In Action: Hurricanes

August 27, 2004
In Action: The South Beach Diet

August 20, 2004
In Action: Google's IPO

August 13, 2004
In Action: Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps

August 6, 2004
In Action: Tom Cruise's new movie, Collateral

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