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Find information anywhere.

Whether you need to dig through pages of search engine results, explore the contents of a web site or read a batch of documents on your hard drive, theConcept makes it easy to data mine text from just about anywhere — in just about any format.

Text extraction is supported from HTML, XML, RTF, DOC, PDF and plain text files: Markup tags, scripts, meta-data and images are ignored automatically, leaving only text to be processed and analyzed.

One-click research.

In theConcept, you're always one click away from expanding your knowledge about a particular key word or phrase. Click to generate a report of important citations. Click to find related images on the web. Click to cross-reference and explore your most relevant sources. Get your research done quickly.

Plug it in.

Have you found a search engine that you wish you could search with theConcept? Maybe a site that references medical journals? Or a search engine behind your firewall indexing every sales presentation your company has ever made?

theConcept uses an XML plugin architecture to define how to submit queries to HTTP-based search engines. So adding support for additional search engines is as easy as opening up your favorite text editor.

For more information, download the Plugins Developer's Guide [PDF format].

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