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Search for meaning.

Using your favorite search engine is easy. Finding the information you need is harder. Instead of spending your time clicking through page after page of search engine results, why not search smarter with theConcept?

theConcept queries your favorite search engine, visits each search result and analyzes the text from each linked page – leaving you with time for more important matters. When it's finished, theConcept presents you with the key words and phrases defining the very essence of your search – and an intuitive interface to explore each one: generate reports on important citations, cross-reference and distill your sources and leverage the power of Beholder to find related images on the web.

How does it work? theConcept uses data mining technology to summarize hundreds of web pages into something more manageable, allowing you to focus on important topics and content. And if you need to extend your reach to your desktop, theConcept can even read files on your computer and digest hundreds of documents just as effortlessly.

In a time when everybody's asking about the future of search, why wait for "next-generation" engines when you can start data mining for knowledge today? Whether you have serious work to do or you're just curious about the web's view on a particular subject, theConcept can help turn information overload into information insight.

You can evaluate a trial version of theConcept free of charge. Download your copy now and start looking for answers in a whole new way.

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