Free Utility Converts Google Gadgets into Dashboard Widgets

Washington, DC – October 5, 2006 – Mesa Dynamics today announced the public beta release of Amnesty Generator, a free utility for OS X that converts any Google webpage gadget into a Dashboard widget.

Earlier this week, Google announced that it was opening its Google Desktop Gadgets framework to web developers allowing "Universal" gadgets to be embedded into web pages without the need for additional software. Amnesty Generator automates the process of embedding this gadget code into locally hosted web pages that are implemented inside Dashboard widgets.

Widgets created with Amensty Generator can be installed in Apple's Dashboard environment, Mesa Dynamics' desktop widget environment, Amnesty Widget Browser or even converted into standalone OS X applications using Mesa Dynamics' Amnesty Singles.

The 0.5 beta release of Amnesty Generator is immediately available for download at and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. Amnesty Generator is a Universal OS X application and is free of charge.