Mesa Dynamics Releases Amnesty Singles, Widget-to-Application Utility

Washington, DC – July 17, 2006 – Mesa Dynamics today announced the release of Amnesty Singles for Mac OS X, a drag-and-drop utility that allows any Dashboard widget to run as a standalone application.

Dropping a widget file onto the Amnesty Singles window results in a small OS X application that will open an instance of the widget outside of Dashboard when launched. Applications built with Amnesty Singles automatically include features important for running a widget continuously outside Dashboard such as adjusting the window level (desktop, standard or floating) and setting an "auto refresh" timer (for widgets that are designed to refresh only when Dashboard is shown).

Version 1.0 of Amnesty Singles is immediately available for download at and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 (note that some third-party widgets are not supported by Amnesty technology on Panther, so Mac OS X 10.4 is recommended for best performance). A single-user license for Amnesty Singles is $9.95.