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Picture this.

You probably know that web interfaces fall short when it comes to working with lots of images, so if you're really interested in finding pictures on the web, let Beholder do the searching for you.

Beholder queries Internet search engines and quickly arranges their results along with their source pages, URLs and other link details. Using Beholder's contact sheet interface, you can easily navigate through hundreds of images, verifying whether they are still available on the web and downloading them for inspection or archival purposes. And thanks to Beholder's web site scanning engine, you can power your searches and crawl for images in any source page or web folder.

Note: Previous versions of Beholder and Beholder Lite have been discontinued and are no longer supported. However, we will continue to make Beholder 2.1.1 and Beholder Lite 1.1.1 available for download (use of the AllTheWeb search engine with these versions is recommended).

When the final version of Beholder 3.0 is released, it will be a free upgrade for all current registered users, and will remain at its $19.95 price for new users.

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