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Amnesty™ Widget Browser

Version 1.3 FAQs, Known Issues and Release Notes.

Free your widgets.

With Amnesty Widget Browser, you get sophisticated control over your widgets beyond simply putting them on your desktop. Change any widget's window level by selecting whether it floats, exists with your other windows or sits embedded inside your desktop image. Or completely change a widget's appearance: making it semi-transparent, smaller or larger, or rotated at an angle.

Expand your horizons.

Let's face it: widget collecting has its downsides. If your Dashboard is running out of room, constantly moving widgets in and out of a scrolling shelf can try your patience. In Amnesty Widget Browser, you can set up multiple widget workspaces called layouts that each hold a collection of widgets. And with hot key support, switching from one layout to another is utter simplicity. Keep your widgets arranged however you like, on your screen or out of your way, and give your screen some breathing room.

Change your stripes.

Not ready to make the leap to Tiger? Amnesty Widget Browser gives you the power to run many third-party Dashboard widgets in Mac OS X 10.3.9. Yes, that's right. No, it's not a typo. Dashboard widgets in Panther. Download Amnesty Widget Browser today and see for yourself.

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